Label Key S/T Momentum
L/T Momentum Combo Momentum CEC Strategy
Long LSR 348 6.4 188 2.4 181 7.2 380 91.8
Short NPD 54 72% 78 27% 25 38% 0 92%

Shreds & Threads 7.8.2012

Shreds & Threads WSJ:Weak Labor Report Fans Fears: Ben Casselman “We had confirmation of what all of the other economic indicators have been signaling for some time, and that is a marked deceleration of the U.S. economy,” said Paul O’Keefe, director of economic research for… »

C.M.O. 12.5.2011

Agreeing to work towards an agreement is not the same as agreeing to agree and both of those are very far away from actually agreeing but it was considered a good first step by the markets this past week when the Fed along with the… »

C.M.O. 11.21.2011

“If you haven’t thrown up yet, you’re getting ready to,” was how Erskine Bowles, former co-chair of the national fiscal responsibility commission addressed a group of CEOs in Washington DC this past week and he wasn’t talking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  The logic or… »


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